• Last Modified: Wednesday, 25 February 2015

PPP4Broadband project has come to its end

This short film presents the partners' thoughts about what have been achieved.


Across the South-East European territory there are rural areas with high percentage of people living with no or very weak broadband internet coverage being a part of the broadband gap. It is proven and well known that broadband gap has negative impact on economic growth and social cohesion.


Quality infrastructure is the key element for development of the regions in order to attract investors, entrepreneurs and also to improve the quality of life of citizens. Broadband is such kind of infrastructure, however, we can still identify significant gaps in the coverage, capacity and quality.

Broadband should be provided by the private providers mainly. Rural areas, specified by the low density of population, are not attractive for private providers – we are calling these areas as areas of market failure. In these areas the public partner role in the infrastructure development and deployment is needed. Public sector, especially currently – in time of austerity measures, has not often had the capacity to solve Broadband gap in rural areas alone, thus there is need for the cooperation between Private and Public actors.

PPP4Broadband aims to improve the development of virtual accessibility in South-East European rural areas - using PPP model – in order to increase rural economic and social development. Concept of PPP means cooperation of public and private actors since the solution lies with their bilateral action.

PPP4Broadband will develop and promote common PPP models and guidelines for the governance sector. The methodology will help to provide the public actors with advisory, guidance and expertise on the broadband internet development and consequently tackle the “digital divide” and improve the virtual accessibility of information, public services and territories. It will foster the use of advanced ICT and reduce the need of inhabitants to travel and will replace physical mobility through virtual exchanges.
To prove and to demonstrate the project concept, PPP4Broadband methodology will be demonstrated in three pilot areas - in Greece, Macedonia and Romania -  where investments based on three selected PPP4Broadband models will be elaborated.